Lauren Boebert Is Getting Dragged For Expressing Disappointment That The World’s Ruthless Dictators Don’t Like Biden

Rootin’ tootin’ Rep. Lauren Boebert (a proud Rifle Republican) of Colorado can’t and won’t stop stepping in it on Twitter, which is making her already abrasive freshman Congressional term even more bizarre. In the past month alone, she’s blundered logic about the Texas power catastrophe and freedom (while rambling about so-called “Draconian restrictions”), and now, she’s completely not understanding why kissing booty with dictators (and offering them a ride on Air Force One) is a bad thing.

Lauren expressed her disappointment on the subject following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s anger after Biden referring to him as “a killer” (along with the Kremlin basically responding that it takes one to know one) and the combative first U.S.-China meeting of the Biden administration.

“Vladimir Putin is basically calling Biden a senile old man,” Sarah Palin 2.0 tweeted. “China rebuffed Anthony Blinken to his face & Kim Jong Un refuses to talk to anyone from the Biden regime… but it’s good to know that America is ReSpEcTeD AgAiN.”

In response, the social media comeuppance was swift with people pointing out that it’s actually a good thing when dictators (and leaders of non-allied countries with the U.S.) are not enamored of our president. And also, Kim Jong-Un might be miffed about no longer receiving love letters from Trump? All over Twitter, a pile-on began.

Seems pretty cut-and-dry, although one can be certain that Boebert will keep on tweeting her beliefs, despite all of the backlash.

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