Lauren Boebert Fired Off A Scathing, Self-Righteous Tweet About Abortion Rights And Received Some Swift Comeuppance

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert’s been absolutely thrilled over the prospect of Elon Musk bringing his “free speech absolutism” to Twitter. However, she’s singing an entirely different tune for the approximately 70% of Americans who aren’t in favor of the Supreme Court (as indicated in a leaked memo) standing poised to over turn abortion rights (as made possible by Roe V. Wade). And Boebert has shown herself to not pay much attention to the U.S. Constitution either, but that’s beside the point.

Rather, she’s all about simply wielding far-right rhetoric as a weapon while taking a swing at the Women’s March activists for daring to speak their minds. “If your response to the SCOTUS news is to dust off your stupid pink hat from 2016,” Boebert tweeted. “[A]nd go march to support infanticide, re-evaluate your entire life.”

Yep, that’s how she said “good morning” to Twitter.

Naturally, people were quick to fire back on several fronts, including how Boebert could very well be mobilizing her opponents, and it’s self-righteous (not to mention hypocritical) to champion “free speech” but tell pro-choice (and women’s healthcare) activists to shut up and not protest.

The “reevaluate your life” portion of Boebert’s tweet also received some comebacks:

And of course, Boebert botched the definition of “infanticide,” so that was fair game for Twitter, too.

The day is young, as is the week. Yep, Boebert will probably keep on tweeting.