Lauren Boebert’s Sarcastic Question To ‘Siri’ About Mask Mandates Didn’t Go Over As Planned

Rootin’ tootin’ Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) can’t (or refuses to) help herself. She’s only a congressional freshman and is nearly as good at self-owning as Sen. Ted Cruz, especially at the U.S.-Mexico border, where lectured a cardboard standee of VP Kamala Harris. Boebert’s latest mission, however, is to endlessly rage against Covid-19 protocols. Earlier this week, she reportedly threw a mask before (not reportedly) tweeting about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “anti-science, totalitarian mask mandate” with a GIF of ex-President Trump saying “bullsh*t.”

Yep, Congress is totally tearing itself apart over the masking issue. On Wednesday, Rep. Jared Huffman (D-CA) and Rep. Byron Daniels (R-FL), got into “a yelling fight outside the House floor” before they started feuding on Twitter. Meanwhile, Boebert continued her own “anti-science” crusade Thursday on Twitter, where she sarcastically asked a question to Apple’s “Siri” app. “Hey Siri, define hypocrite,” the rifle Republican tweeted. “Siri: **shows picture of the House Attending Physician on the day Pelosi re-instated mask mandates in the House**”

Well, people responded with their own questions to Siri and Google. “Monumental congressional failure” was only one of the searches on the board. And of course, someone took a swing Boebert’s rushed GED process before being elected, and the restaurant she owns, Shooter’s Grill. Ouch.