Lawmakers Are Reading Hilariously Mean Tweets About Ted Cruz On The Senate Floor, And People Are Absolutely Delighted

If you were wondering who the most disliked politician on Capitol Hill was, the answer is Ted Cruz.

The Republican senator from Texas got dragged by his fellow lawmakers while they were attempting to dig into the background of Neera Tanden, President Biden’s pick to lead the Office of Management and Budget. During Tanden’s confirmation hearing, Republican senator attempted to point out how damning Tanden’s social media posts — many of which condemned Republican party leaders like Mitch McConnell and Cruz — were in light of Biden’s appointment. They wondered if she could do a good job of sticking to the president’s commitment to bipartisanship after calling McConnell “Moscow Mitch” and Senator Tom Cotton a “fraud.”

What they didn’t realize was they were giving audiences a live Mean Tweets reading on the Senate floor, and that their colleague, Cruz, would get the worst of it.

A lot of people, Republican and Democrat, can’t stand Ted Cruz but Tanden’s tweets managed to trash the insurrection-supporting senator with some truly stunning linguistic verbosity. At one point, Tanden was accused of tweeting that “vampires have more heart than Ted Cruz,” which, just … wow.

Republicans also noted during the hearing that there were “nine pages of tweets about Ted Cruz” that they hadn’t got to yet. (Please, get to them!) And while it’s certainly amusing to watch politicians themselves so spectacularly, it’s also hypocritical, considering how they’ve been backstabbing each other under Trump’s example for years.

Of course, Twitter’s here to jog your memory in case you forgot:

This exercise in faux outrage aside, Jimmy Kimmel definitely has grounds to raise a fuss over this. You can’t just steal a comedian’s bits like that, even if you do work for Lord Voldemort.