Lego Printer…Prints With Legos

10.21.10 8 years ago

It seems like every few days someone comes up with a brand new type of DIY fabricator. Whether it’s Makerbot’s open-source 3D printer or a printer that puts designs on hard-boiled eggs or a printer that prints on friggin’ toast, you never know what weird type of builder will be built next.

So, it’s a little refreshing to see an old-school type of fabricator like this one, which is made from Legos and uses Lego pieces to build Lego things. (Man, that’s a lot of Legos.)

The MakerLegoBot, as it’s called by creator Will Gorman, uses a feed system of 25 bricks to assemble items up to 12 bricks tall. Now, it doesn’t make the bricks itself, it just puts them together based on a MLCad program, and it’s not the first Lego printer we’ve reported on, as we recently wrote about a Lego felt-tip marker printer back in June. But, if you desperately need a tiny house for your Harry Potter Legos but don’t feel like spending the five minutes to put it together, it sure is handy.


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