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ABOVE: Walgreens put stickers on products around the store to advertise their swine flu vaccines.  Your cunning plan, I don’t believe you thought it all the way through. [via Neatorama]

A compilation of mirror cliches in horror movies. [Filmdrunk]

Favorite comics turned into generic TV show pitches. I’d watch a TV show where Magneto and Professor X live together, and Magneto is never tidying up so Xavier’s chair gets caught on things.  MAGNEEEEEETO! [ComicsAlliance]

Dor sho gha, ten minutes of Star Trek innuendo [WarmingGlow]

The 5 best movies filmed in New Orleans.  They forgot to add The Big Easy to the list.  I remembered that ’cause I was just talking to your mom. [Pajiba]

Picture Gallery: Stormtroopers are just like us. [Unreality]

Hollywood’s best strip scenes. [InsideMovies]

The National Geographic Channel will be airing a documentary about sperm. Okay, Internet, get ready to take screencaps of people with “Sperm Expert” displayed on the screen under their name. [InsideTV]

VIDEO: “Some people ask ‘hey, why do you have a Wynonna Judd poster in your store?’ And to them I say: ‘did you forget the name of the store?’”  I hope they make a series of videos like this. [via UniqueDaily]

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