Links Dressed as a Gorilla

04.12.10 9 years ago

PICTURE ABOVE: The Union Leader should have probably delved a little deeper into this one.

Vince wrote/photoshopped this feature to test the Mickey Rourke hypothesis. [Uproxx]

An ingenious corner kick [CollegeHumor]

A not-so-ingenious dunk.  [WithLeather]

Star Wars burlesque video.  That is all. [Filmdrunk]

The Today Show has an EXCLUSIVE on Smiley Riley.  The media is calling stuff like that exclusives these days? [WarmingGlow]

Video of the Texas Stadium demolition [KissingSuzyKolber]

Man falls 30 feet to save a woman committing suicide  [Guyism]

Hamster versus gravity. [Urlesque]

8 Quentin Tarantino movie trailer mashups [Unreality]

Trailer for “The Other Guys” [InsideMovies]

VIDEO BELOW: “Tuxedo Cat falls off the table.”  Exactly what it sounds like. [via thedailywhat]

And I made this as well:

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