Links With a Memetic Marriage Proposal

08.09.10 8 years ago

PICTURES: Kristjan Thompson proposed to his girlfriend (Alexandra Shkandrij, pictured above) on

Chodin puts Mel Gibson Quotes in photographic context. [Uproxx]

Strip Clubs, Barebacking, and Bro Rape. Just Another Monday At Uproxx. [Uproxx]

Matthew Vaughn states the obvious. [Filmdrunk]

Japan is still weird. [WarmingGlow]

The littlest hockey brawlers have called a truce. [WithLeather]

Kanye West’s “Power” Video [TheSmokingSection]

Explosive Interview with Sly on Expendables [YouTube]

32 Action Figures in the Real World [Urlesque]

9 types of updates you can’t avoid in your Facebook news feed [Guyism]

8-Bit Comics: Your Favorite Super-Heroes Reimagined For the NES [ComicsAlliance]

8 Star Wars Pickup Lines [Dorkly]

VIDEO BELOW: This cat would break his neck just to get that laser. [via HYST]

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