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Hunter S. Thompson knew how to deal with tech support. [Filmdrunk]

Michael Emerson (Ben from Lost) went on “The Soup” to let them know their show is confusing. [WarmingGlow]

These 25 vans seem legit. [HolyTaco]

“Try to imagine Pegasus mating with a unicorn and the creature that they birth. I somehow tame it and ride it into the sky in the clouds and sunshine and rainbows. That’s what it feels like.” [Asylum]

This T-shirt is pretty rad. [ComicsAlliance]

Awe.  Some.  “Problem: The front page of someone’s website automatically snatches your blog content and displays it as their own work. Do you (c) write a special entry with this in mind” [Fark]

10 Classic Atari Commercials [Unreality]

SNL’s hall of TV presidents.  Phil Hartman’s Clinton owns this list. [InsideTV]

Did you ever notice Andy Rooney is somehow still alive?  I think he bathes in the blood of virgins.  And what’s the deal with socks?  I wear socks, most days, but have you ever really stopped to think about them?  I have. [KissingSuzyKolber]

VIDEO BELOW: In Bolivia, street kids and former drug addicts can get a job dressing up like a zebra to help people cross the street. [via UniqueDaily]

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