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PICTURE ABOVE: I never got around to writing about this year’s Star Wars Weekends advertisements, so here’s a picture gallery of them [Adsoftheworld via Slashfilm]:

Burnsy explains why sports and music should never procreate. [Uproxx]

Babies can distinguish good from evil at six months old.  And yet they can’t mow my lawn.  Get it together, babies. [Asylum]

Mudflap and Skids, the Transformers minstrel bots, won’t be back for the third movie.  Aw, now what am I going to do with all this koolaid spiked with Valvoline? [Filmdrunk]

I’ll let this quote speak for itself: “Someone tell me this video of Dan Akroyd talking about space aliens avoiding Earth because of 9/11 is a joke.” [WarmingGlow]

“Liquid Mountaineering” is an amusing hoax. [WithLeather]

Stephen Colbert compares himself to House. (video autoplays) [TVSquad]

PSA’s from the Future [CollegeHumor]

300 Spartans feat. Epic Beard Man [Urlesque]

The funkiest cover of the Spider-Man theme song [ComicsAlliance]

Pete Travis to direct ‘Judge Dredd’ in 3-D [InsideMovies]

“Remember when Eddie Izzard wondered how you could tell a good giraffe from an evil one? I think we have an answer to that now.” [Fark]

VIDEO BELOW: A compilation of amazing acting reels from The Sarantos Acting School.  Check out these master thespians before they win their Oscars. (some swearing) [via Videogum]

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