Former GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy Wants Madison Cawthorn To Name Names On Those Made-Up Coke And Orgy Claims

Madison Cawthorn‘s wild claims of politicians offering him coke and orgies continues to rankle his fellow Republicans who the young congressman essentially implicated. Despite the fact that Cawthorn confessed to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy that his claims were exaggerated and untrue, former GOP congressman Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News on Sunday and echoed Meghan McCain’s call for Cawthorn to name names.

According to Raw Story, Gowdy went on an almost 10 minute rant demanding Cawthorn reveal everything he knows. Gowdy also defended his fellow Republicans in Congress by saying he’s never been invited to do drugs or attend sex parties during his time in office:

He suggested that Cawthorn was simply “hanging around with the wrong people.” Since Gowdy was in office, 29 new Republican members of Congress have entered the House. He went on to suggest that Cawthorn name names because their constituents deserve to know what they’re doing with their time in Congress and at taxpayer’s expense. If Cawthorn participated in any of it, Gowdy demanded that he come forward about it.

Again, Cawthorn has already admitted that he basically made the whole thing up, and at most, may have seen a staffer doing coke in a parking lot albeit from a 100 yards away. There’s also the young congressman’s well-documented history of lies that John Oliver recently highlighted. All of which makes Gowdy’s Fox News rant a bit unusual considering it’s been established that Cawthorn has already confessed to party leaders that he was bulls*itting. Then again, Gowdy has always had a penchant for dragging things out. Benghazi, anyone?

(Via Raw Story)