Marjorie Taylor Greene Went Off On A Kooky Rant To Warn Women That Abortion Won’t ‘Make That Boyfriend Love You’

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is proof that just because you are a woman, that doesn’t mean you actually understand women. Case in point: the GOP firebrand recently weighed in on the ongoing abortion debate by making the truly wild claim that women are having the procedure in order to make men love them. No, seriously.

Greene walked down to the Supreme Court this week to chat with pro-birth protestors as judges inside began voting on whether to overturn Roe v. Wade. The decision to undo the law will likely mean millions of women won’t have access to a healthcare procedure — and it’s opened the doors for even more restrictions possibly being placed on everything from contraceptives like IUDs to the morning-after pill. Of course, for Greene, the media hype surrounding this decision is the perfect excuse to try out her new brand of virtue signaling in a speech to protestors.

“If you accidentally get pregnant, let me tell you something, that abortion that you are considering having is not going to solve your problems,” she said to the crowd (via Raw Story). “It is not going to make that boyfriend of yours or that guy love you. That abortion won’t do that.”

Now technically she’s right here — a man won’t miraculously fall in love with you if you have an abortion — but this entire statement hinges on the idea that women terminate their pregnancies because they’re prioritizing men’s comfort instead of, oh we don’t know, because they don’t want a baby right now.

“It’s not going to help you pursue a career that you think you want to pursue. It’s not going to help you finish college,” she continued.” Let me tell you what will help you out more in your life when you have a baby, and you love someone more than you’ve loved someone in your entire life.”

How is not having to give birth to and then care for another human being not going to free women up to go to school and get a good job? And how will having an unwanted baby “help you out” when right now, mothers can’t even feed their newborns because there’s a formula shortage that no one (not even Greene’s “pro-life” crowd) is trying to fix?

Greene doesn’t have the answer to those pressing questions, of course. Then again, she’s already argued that Satan’s coaxing women into getting abortions, so don’t expect logic.

(Via RawStory)