Marjorie Taylor Greene Took Her Beef With Lauren Boebert Next Level By Allegedly Calling Her A ‘Little B*tch’ On The House Floor

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert used to be besties. And why not? They were both elected to the House of Representatives at the same time, they’re both MAGA extremists, and they both like heckling Joe Biden. But things have not been copasetic with them since at least late last year. There was that bathroom squabble in January. Now their beef has gone next level.

As per The Daily Beast, on Wednesday Greene and Boebert got into a little spat on the House floor. The two have dueling resolutions to get Biden impeached — or at least hold a vote that will almost certainly fail miserably. Boebert won: After leveraging a procedural tool, she managed to schedule a forced vote that will be held in the next few days. Greene was not pleased that Boebert got her impeachment vote through first, and so she reportedly called her ex-pal a “little b*tch.”

The tussle was caught by C-SPAN cameras, but three sources filled the Beast in on what was said. Boebert allegedly approached Greene about “statements you made about me publicly.” Sources claim Greene claimed that Boebert “copied my articles of impeachment.” Boebert shot back that she hadn’t even read her resolution.

All three sources said things go so bad that Greene called Boebert a “b*tch.” One of them said she actually called her a “little b*tch.” One of them, a GOP lawmaker, said they “heard Marjorie call Boebert a b*tch right to her face.”

The fight ended dramatically:

“OK, Marjorie, we’re through,” Boebert then said, shrugging her shoulders.

With Boebert’s back turned, Greene responded: “We were never together.”

Earlier in the day, Boebert seemed to be on Greene’s side, retweeting her support of impeachment. “It’s our responsibility to be the check and balance for this rogue administration,” Boebert wrote on Twitter. “As a mom and as a Representative of the United States of America, I am compelled to take action. “ She then thanked Greene for “supporting these articles to impeach Joe Biden.”

Twitter / @laurenboebert

Reached for comment on the exchange, Boebert told the Beast, “Marjorie is not my enemy. I came here to protect our children and their posterity. Joe Biden and the Democrats are destroying our country.”

But when Politico reporter Olivia Beavers reached out to Greene, she got a very different response. Greene called The Daily Beast’s report “impressively accurate.” She went on, saying, “I have defended her when she’s been attacked. She and I have virtually the same voting record. We’re both members of the House Freedom Caucus. We shouldn’t be natural allies. …but for some reason, she has a great skill and talent for making most people here not like her.“

When asked why she thinks Boebert is introducing a vote for impeachment now, Greene wryly replied, “The end of the quarter.”

Anyway, as the old saying (from 2014’s Godzilla) goes, let them fight.

(Via The Daily Beast)