Marjorie Taylor Greene Got Dragged For Her Fake Mug Shot By Former RNC Chair Michael Steele: ‘Your Turn May Come’

Ever the faithful MAGA soldier, Marjorie Taylor Greene took to Twitter on Thursday to post a fake mugshot of herself as everyone waited with bated-breath to finally see Donald Trump’s real mugshot from his arrest in Georgia.

“I stand with President Trump against the commie DA Fani Willis who is nothing more than a political hitman tasked with taking out Biden’s top political opponent,” Greene wrote in the caption. “‘Persecution, not prosecution.’ #MAGAMugshot”

Former Republican National Convention chair Michael Steele wasn’t having it. While appearing on Friday’s episode of Morning Joe, Steele roasted Greene for the attention-grabbing stunt and assured that the Georgia congresswoman that her wish might come true some day.

Via Mediaite:

“We knew Donald Trump was going to put [out] a T-shirt. We knew what it is going to say,” Steele told the MSNBC panel. “He’s going to make his bling off of it. He’s going to get his cash because that’s what it’s always been about.”

He added, “Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to take a mug shot of her. So don’t worry, baby. Your turn may come sooner than you think.”

Steele’s comments arrived after the Morning Joe crew couldn’t contain their laughter over Trump’s arrest, particularly his reported measurements and hair color. The former president’s staff reportedly the Fulton County Jail that Trump is 6’3″ and only 215 pounds. They also listed his hair as “strawberry blonde,” which prompted Joe Scarborough to lose it on camera.

“He really went for it,” a laughing Scarborough remarked. “He really went for it.”

(Via Mediaite)