Marjorie Taylor Greene Said It’s A ‘Lie’ That She Defended George Santos, So Twitter Brought The Receipts

Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to distance herself from George Santos, which is proving to be difficult thanks to a mountain of receipts she left behind. The separation from Santos occurred during Greene’s second attempt at impeaching Joe Biden (Marj is big into impeachment this week) when she was asked about her defense of the embattled congressman who’s currently facing federal charges for fraud, money laundering, and theft.

“I never defended George Santos,” Greene said during a Thursday morning press conference. “No one should report that. That would be a lie.”

It actually is not a lie. After Santos joined Congress, Greene was frequently photographed next to the controversial congressman during the contentious Speaker of the House vote. Like Greene, Santos backed Kevin McCarthy, which has provided Santos much-needed cover in Congress. Greene also went on record slamming Tulsi Gabbard for calling out Santos’ laundry list of lies on Fox News, and then there’s the bill that Greene and Santos co-sponsored to ban books from school.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Greene also fired off a Twitter thread defending Santos, which further added to the pile of receipts that people pulled out following Greene’s denial. In short, Greene very publicly hitched herself to Santos’ wagon, and that alliance isn’t going away easily.

You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via Acyn on Twitter)