Marjorie Taylor Greene Went Into Pretzel Mode With Her Latest Argument (Involving Something That Putin Did) For Impeaching Biden

Earlier this week, rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert didn’t exactly go ballistic over the price of groceries, but she did post a photo of herself launching grenades after ranting about Bidenomics and, yes, the price of groceries. Granted, reaching for ammo is her default mode, and now her ex-congressional friend, Marjorie Taylor Greene, has arrived on the subject of groceries, too.

Greene is not known for being a lover of logic, and she tends to leap into conclusions whereas at least some of her MAGA colleagues will cautiously back into their chosen perspective. And Greene is here with yet another call to impeach Biden, and this time, her reasoning has to do with (hmm) cereal and bread prices. As absurd as that sounds on its face, it sure bolsters the revival of comments made earlier this year by The Purge creator James DeMonaco, who made clear that Greene’s ideology is an inspiration for an upcoming sixth movie in the franchise.

While speaking to Newsmax, Greene’s grocery-store remarks do not improve the situation:

Take for example, a single mom that is just trying to feed her kids. When she goes to the grocery store, she can hardly afford cereal and bread. Do you wanna know why? Because those products are made with grain. Let’s look at where the bread basket of the world is. That is in Ukraine… so this comes all the way down to consumers like a single mom who can’t afford to buy cereal because the price of grain has gone up so much with this war in Ukraine… you have to connect the dots… and this is why we have to do everything we can to impeach Joe Biden

Rebutting a Greene argument can often seem like a fruitless exercise, but it bears mentioning that the war in Ukraine is widely considered unjust as launched by Vladimir Putin. Additionally, Russia is responsible for recently shutting down a deal (previously brokered by the U.N. and Turkey) that allows Ukraine grain exports on a global basis (primarily Africa and Asia). This was, of course, a Putin chess move, and he has recently attempted to drum up goodwill for Russia by offering a “benevolent” deal to send Russian grain to African countries, from which there were apparently few or even zero takers.

Meanwhile, Reuters quotes an expert that expects Putin’s maneuvering to have little effect on global grocery prices, or at least, not in the long term. As well, Greene argued about connecting the dots but didn’t really do so herself, so there’s that.