Lauren Boebert Posted A Photo Of Herself Launching Grenades After Complaining About The Price Of Groceries

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert adores guns so much that she once (as shown above) open-carried in her now-defunct restaurant, Shooters Grill, in Rifle, Colorado. She also posed with a t-shirt that labeled guns as human-hole punchers, and she recently trashed a pin that was meant to commemorate a school shooting victim.

Her love for the Second Amendment does win fans over to the Boebert side, however. That led one of her followers to make an inquiry (while using this Getty image) to ask people if they’d want to “go shooting” with the lawmaker from Colorado. To that, Boebert posted an even more rootin’ tootin’ photo of herself while apparently operating an M203 grenade launcher, and having a good time with that type of ammo (even training rounds) does not exactly sound like the cheapest hobby out there.

This is perhaps literally rich, given that (only a few tweets prior) she had been complaining that “groceries are up” due to “Bidenomics.”

To that, Boebert’s followers were weighted in a blue-check way so that the thirsty responses floated to the top. However, it wasn’t lost on everyone that (as one user put things) Boebert can “afford f*cking grenades,” so she “can afford avocados, too.”

Still, you gotta hand it to Boebert for some creative points. There’s a whole lot of right-wingers out there who have gun-filled Christmas card photos like she does, but FWIW, she one-upped them in outrageousness.