Trump Voters Really Don’t Want Marjorie Taylor Greene To Be The Big Guy’s Running Mate

Donald Trump is crushing it in the polls, which is unfortunate because he might be going to jail. But if he doesn’t — or even if he does and he runs anyway, releasing stump speeches from the clink — he still has to pick a running mate. Luckily, there are plenty of Republicans to choose from. Alas, one of Trump’s biggest cheerleaders probably won’t get the gig, at least if it’s up to Trump supporters.

Newsweek conducted a new poll asking 1,500 Trump voters who they wanted to be on the bottom of the Trump 2024 ticket. Top spot did not go to Marjorie Taylor Greene, the loudest and most prolifically chaotic of MAGA lawmakers, who just last month claimed she was on the former president’s veep shortlist.

Sadly, she didn’t even get second place. Nor third. Heck, she didn’t even make the Top 10. Out of 15 spots, she scored 14th, ahead of last place winner Asa Hutchinson but behind Elsie Stefanik.

So who won the top slot? That went to new kid on the block, Obama-plagiarizing phrama bro Vivek Ramaswamy, who, like Trump, has had to contend with Chris Christie mockery. Second place went to “Don’t know,” showing how much energy the GOP exudes these days. Third actually went to Trump’s former veep, Mike Pence, but given their relationship since the 2020 election that’s probably not going to happen.

Some others who crushed Marjorie include Ron DeSantis (fourth), Trump kiss-up Kari Lake (fifth), Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy (seventh), his daughter Ivanka (ninth), and “Doesn’t matter to me” (10th). She also placed behind “Someone else” (12th). Sorry, Marge.

(Via Newsweek)