CrossFit Super-Fan Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Been Renounced By The Fitness Brand For Her ‘Dangerous And Deceptive Nonsense’

Before getting into politics, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) was the co-owner of CrossFit Passion, a CrossFit-affiliated gym in Alpharetta, Georgia. It’s where she trained for the CrossFit Games, and also where she reportedly “openly cheated on her husband of 25 years with a polyamorous tantric sex guru and then moved on to another affair with the manager,” as the Daily Mail memorably put it. Taylor Greene could have lived a perfectly anonymous life helping people lift weights, but instead, she became a transphobic, QAnon-obsessed congresswoman and the frontrunner for the “worst human of 2021.”

She’s become so toxic that even her beloved CrossFit has cut ties with her.

BuzzFeed News reports that CrossFit has “disavowed” Taylor Greene over “her history of calling for violence against political enemies, support for QAnon, attempts to undermine the 2020 presidential election, and amplifying other dangerous and deceptive nonsense.” (Nothing on the polyamorous tantric sex guru.) A spokesperson for the right wing-beloved company said that “CrossFit supports respectful fact-based political dialogue to address our common challenges, and we strongly oppose the loathsome and dangerous lies attributed to Ms. Greene.”

One current CrossFit affiliate owner, who asked to remain anonymous, told BuzzFeed News that the national brand’s strong association with conservative-leaning groups, including some who remain supportive of Glassman or align with Greene’s political beliefs such as QAnon, had made CrossFit headquarters reluctant to publicly criticize Greene… The affiliate owner BuzzFeed News spoke with thinks the national reluctance has to do with an awareness that there are like-minded customers who agree with Greene.

“Glassman” is CrossFit founder and former-CEO Greg Glassman, who resigned last year after making offensive remarks about George Floyd and the coronavirus. In response to a tweet from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation about how “racism and discrimination are critical public health issues that demand an urgent response,” he wrote, “It’s FLOYD-19.” Glassman also wondered why he should mourn for the victim of police brutality, “other than that it’s the white thing to do,” on a Zoom call with gym owners.

As for Taylor Greene, I guess she’ll be doing a lot more hotel workouts now.

(Via BuzzFeed News)