McDonald’s Uses ‘Artificial DNA’ Security, Hamburglar Still At Large

10.21.10 8 years ago

If you ever had aspirations of robbing a McDonald’s in Europe and are squeemish about bioengineering, you might want to think again, as they’ve started equipping them with a new security system that douses would-be robbers with a dose of “artificial DNA.” The DNA can be seen under a black light, but unlike a regular paint bomb that cops might use, this contains markers that police can use to definitely link criminals to the robbed McDonalds. Supposedly, diners can’t see or smell the stuff when the robber’s getting dowsed, but who’s been in a McDonald’s and ever smelled anything other than that regular McDonald’s smell?

A McDonald’s rep says that it’s more about using it as a deterrent than actually trying to catch crooks, so it sounds like they’re relying on the squick factor to deter criminals from wanting to get a big facefull of DNA.Then again, that same squeamishness might make dinners want to avoid eating at a place with a big box of liquid DNA hanging over the door. But, if they really cared about the quality of their food, would they be eating at a McDonalds?

[Daily Mail]

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