Melania Trump’s Outfit Change And Refusal To Pose For Photos After Exiting Air Force One For The Last Time Show She Has No F*#ks Left To Give

Melania Trump had already signaled her readiness to leave the White House long before her husband finally (sort-of) conceded the election to Joe Biden. During one of her final FLOTUS acts, she made her delayed response to the failed MAGA coup of the U.S. Capitol all about herself, and she must be thrilled to never have to hang Christmas decorations again. So, it wasn’t too surprising to see her flash a rare public smile while literally leaving the building on Biden’s Inauguration Day. She wore all black, as if she was attending a funeral, but she did look happier than usual.

Then Donald and Melania took their last trip on Air Force One while heading to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida. Oh boy, she made quite the outfit change.

The New York Post took note of the blazingly bright dress with a whole lot of orange going on. The garment hails from Gucci and costs $3700, but it’s an attention grabber. It really feels like she might be trolling with this selection. One Twitter user joked that this is “the traditional Slovenian divorce dress,” and Melania has come full circle from what could be an acceptable funeral outfit to a straight-up vacation dress. She’s clocking out!

Even more tellingly, though, Melania didn’t even pause after exiting the airplane to pose for photos with her husband. She sauntered away, like she gave no f*cks, and she was totally done giving any f*cks at all.

Really though, will someone think about the poor shower curtains?