Melania Trump Is Signaling Her Readiness To Get The Hell Out Of The White House With A Key Preparation

No one knows for sure whether Melania and Donald Trump’s marriage will last the test of time, even though reports say that she’s really not feeling it anymore. What does appear to be more certain, though, is that Melania hasn’t enjoyed White House life all that much (after all, she’s now gotta pretend to like Christmas decorations after she got caught on tape trashing the holiday FLOTUS duties). Melania also waited several months following Trump’s inauguration (officially due to Barron’s schedule) to move into the White House, but it looks like she’s wasting no time in planning to leave the presidential residence as soon as possible.

After CNN reported last week that Melania “just wants to go home,” Page Six is following up with word that she spent the weekend touring a private school in Florida with hopes that Barron will attend. There might be a little tax hangup, though:

A source tells Page Six the First Lady toured Pine Crest school, located in Fort Lauderdale, about forty minutes away from Mar-a-Lago.

Tuition at the ritzy private school is $35,150 for grades nine through twelve and requires personal and business tax returns for enrollment. Judging from The Donald’s past reluctance, that could be a snag, though we doubt they’d hit any serious problems.

Yep, she’s shown off those swanky tennis pavillion renovations, and it’s almost wrap time for Melania, for she’s accepted the truth of the matter, even if her husband refuses to see the light. She will probably head back to Mar-a-Lago, given that the Trumps aren’t too welcome in NYC these days, and she and Donald moved their official primary residence from New York to Florida last year. It remains to be seen whether Melania will leave a visible vapor trail in her haste to depart the White House while Donald’s dragged out by the Secret Service on January 20, 2021. It could happen!

(Via Page Six)