Mike Lindell’s Reportedly Being A Total Pain In The Butt During The Discovery Phase Of His Dominion Lawsuit As Expected

Thanks to their cultish devotion to pushing Donald Trump‘s election fraud claims, Mike Lindell, Rudy Giuliani, and Sidney “The Kraken” Powell are staring down the barrel of billion dollar defamation suits for accusing voting software companies like Dominion of conspiring with foreign countries to help Joe Biden “steal” the 2020 election. To the surprise of no one, the three of them are not faring well.

During a recent discovery report, Giuliani and Powell reportedly tried to stall through various bizarre tactics, according to Above the Law. While Giuliani has essentially tried to claim that the FBI raid on his office last spring caused him to lose sensitive documents, Powell is still trying to conduct discovery on Dominion in an effort to prove that its software systems is vulnerable to foreign intervention. In other words, she’s still going strong on the Big Lie.

As for Lindell, well, he’s just straight up making up his own legal rules as he goes along and threatening to go to the Supreme Court at every turn. Essentially, Lindell is arguing that he’s going to appeal everything, so he shouldn’t have to participate in discovery. (It doesn’t work like that.) He’s also renegotiating agreements on the fly, with no one else involved, which you also cannot do. Via Above the Law:

Lindell’s actual position here appears to be that, if you retroactively decide that it wasn’t a Rule 26(f) discovery conference, then you can refuse to comply with discovery forever.


According to the other parties, Lindell promises that “if this Court orders Lindell and MyPillow to participate in discovery before their appeal is fully resolved, they will also appeal that order” and that “they are seriously taking appeals from both orders all the way to the United States Supreme Court, if need be.”

In short, the legal proceedings is exactly the kind of circus you’d expect from having Lindell, Guiliani, and Powell in the same room. Minus anyone oozing dye from their skull, so far.

(Via Above the Law)