Mike Lindell Now Swears He’s Not Going To Use Drones For His Batsh*t Election Fraud Scheme That He Demonstrated To Everybody With Drones

Last week, Mike Lindell held his “Election Crime Bureau Summit” after promising that the event would be a bipartisan love fest that would “save our country” by guaranteeing the security of America’s future election. Instead, the MyPillow CEO delivered an event that predictably devolved into MAGA conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, and at one point, featured Steve Bannon telling the crowd to do a January 6 on Georgia officials.

As for Lindell’s bold, new election fraud plan that has never been done before: drones. That was his big play, and he’s already walking back.

As reported by The Daily Beast, states, local municipalities, and the FAA all have strict laws about the use of drones, which would make it very illegal to just fly one up to a polling place to see if China is manipulating votes or whatever:

Flying a drone within 15 miles of Washington, D.C.’s inner ring can land you in jail for 90 days. Other cities like New York have their own anti-drone laws on the books, and drones are prohibited within five miles of airports.

On Thursday, Lindell was aware of at least some technology laws. He said he would have demonstrated his [wireless monitoring device] on real voting machines, but that he worried he might face legal risk.

While appearing on Charlie Kirk’s podcast on Monday, Lindell wanted to set the record straight that his WMDs would not be used on drones despite him demonstrating the device to his Election Summit audience by using a drone.

“These are not drones, everybody. We brought it in on a drone just for effect and to make it kind of cool, bringing it in all the excitement,” Lindell told Kirk via Raw Story. “The drones have nothing to do with it. So it is legal, believe me, we’ve had our legal team on this for over a year. And it’s just, it’s like radio waves are capturing it.”

(Via Raw Story, The Daily Beast)