Steve Bannon Rallied Mike Lindell’s ‘Election Summit’ Crowd To Do A January 6 In Georgia: ‘Ram It Up The Ass Of The Governor’

Mike Lindell touted his now-concluded “Election Summit” as a one-of-a-kind event that would unveil a bold new, bipartisan plan to secure future elections. Granted, the integrity of the 2020 election has been repeatedly proven in court, but for a brief moment, Lindell attempted to create the artifice that it was time to look turns the future and stop pushing Donald Trump’s Big Lie. Naturally, that artifice didn’t last long.

The guest list for the Lindell’s “Election Summit” already tipped his hand by including such MAGA luminaries as Rudy Giuliani, Mike Flynn, and Laura Loomer, but things really went off the rails when Steve Bannon took the stage. While sitting next to Flynn, Bannon called for another January 6, but this time in Georgia where Trump is facing his fourth indictment for allegedly pressuring state officials overturn the results of the 2020 election.

During his rant, Bannon also threatened Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and Governor Brian Kemp. Via MeidasTouch:

“This is why I keep saying the J6 thing with President Trump in Georgia. We’re going to ram the stealing of Georgia down her throat, and we’re going to ram it up the ass of the governor.”

Of course the MAGA crowd cheered. Mike Lindell, Kurt Olsen, and Mike Flynn, who were sitting next to Bannon at the time, all clapped.

You can see clips of Bannon calling for a “J6” in Georgia below:

As for Lindell’s big plan to secure elections: It was drones. Specifically, drones that will fly over every polling in America to make sure voting machines aren’t connect to the internet and being manipulated, which again, is a thing that did not happen during the 2020 election.

(Via MeidasTouch)