Even Mike Lindell’s Own Lawyers Think He Could Be Facing Jail Time After Posting Election Data Online

Mike Lindell stopped by Steve Bannon’s podcast, as he often does, but this time, the MyPillow CEO dropped a startling revelation: His own lawyers are convinced he’s looking at jail time.

While discussing the recent Supreme Court decision that prevented Colorado from removing Donald Trump from the ballot, Lindell boasted about his decision to post election data that he allegedly stole from the state. According to Lindell, he shared the data online in an attempt to stick it to Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, who he called “evil” and blasted her for stopping efforts from Lindell’s gaggle of election deniers.

Via Raw Story:

“I put the whole image up there, Jack, a year and a half ago, and the media won’t even tell people about it,” the pillow executive opined. “My lawyers are going, Mike, you could maybe go to jail.”

“You know, I said, I don’t care,” he continued. “I’ve been there before. “The world needs to know what this woman did, this Jena Griswold.”

Lindell hasn’t gone to jail, yet, but the feds famously confiscated his cell phone while the prominent election denier was in the drive-thru line at Hardee’s. Lindell has tried unsuccessfully to get the phone back from the feds, and lost an appeal back in September. The court sided with the FBI and reaffirmed the warrant to confiscate the device.

“Here, a federal magistrate judge determined there was probable cause to seize and search Lindell’s cell phone,” the ruling read. “The warrant explicitly authorized the search of Lindell’s person for his cell phone as well as the seizure and search of the phone for records and information constituting ‘fruits, evidence, or instrumentalities’ of the three federal offenses.”

Related to that phone seizure, the MyPillow CEO found himself under suspicion of (though he has yet to be charged) “identity theft, damage to a protected computer and conspiracy to commit identity theft and/or cause intentional damage to a protected computer.”

(Via Raw Story)