Mike Lindell Unsuccessfully Tried To Weasel His Way Of Paying $5 Million To An Expert Who Proved Him Wrong

Mike Lindell was having money problems even before he was ordered to pay millions of dollars in an arbitration judgment.

Last year, the MyPillow founder boldly offered to hand over $5 million to anyone who could debunk his election interference data. The contest was called “Prove Mike Wrong,” and, well, someone proved Mike wrong. But when Lindell refused to pay computer forensics expert Robert Zeidman, a federal court stepped in forcing to fork him over the money.

Raw Story reports that on Wednesday, “U.S. District Court Judge John Tunheim upheld a ruling that found Lindell must pay $5 million to cybersecurity expert Robert Zeidman, who responded to a contest to prove the pillow executive had not obtained evidence from the 2020 election.”

“The Court’s responsibility in reviewing an arbitration award is not to reevaluate the merits but rather ensure that the panel acted appropriately,” Judge Tunheim wrote. “Lindell LLC’s only basis for Court action was that the panel acted outside the scope of its authority in issuing the award… Even though the Court may have reached a different outcome given an independent initial review of the information, the Court fails to identify evidence that the panel exceeded its authority. Under the Court’s narrow review, it will confirm the arbitration award.”

Zeidman isn’t optimistic he’ll ever see the money. “I’m a pessimist in general. I don’t think I’ll see it. I do think he’s gonna go bankrupt from all the lawsuits and all his expenditures on these illegitimate voting fraud cases. So I think he’ll delay things until he’s out of money, and I probably won’t see anything,” he told Minnesota Reformer. If Zeidman does get the money, however, he plans to “donate a good portion of it” to non-profits.

A much better use of funds than drones.

(Via Raw Story)