Everything’s Going Great For Mike Lindell, Who’s Losing Millions Every Month And Has Made A Third ‘Prediction’ For When Trump Will Be President Again

This week in Mike Lindell news:

1. He got trolled by a heckler while conducting an interview in public.

2. He’s losing $1 million a week after pulling MyPillow ads from the “the worst station in history,” Fox News. “You turn on us when we needed you most,” he said. “I got attacked on CNN for 18 minutes. Where were you Fox to report? You could have at least reported Mike Lindell got attacked on CNN for 18 minutes because he’s a nut case.”

3. He has changed the day (and month) for when Trump will become president again.

“We’ll be bringing our findings to the Supreme Court in late August or early September, some time after the cyber symposium ends, and it proves it was an attack by China,” Lindell told the Daily Beast of non-existent election fraud, and an upcoming event devoted to the same. “When I gave my prediction about August, and that was several months ago, that was an estimate at the time. But it took so long to get this symposium set up. However long it takes for the Supreme Court to take it up and decide on this, I can’t predict that. I’m not the Supreme Court.”

Lindell has pushed back the timeline for a third time after originally claimed that Trump would be reinstated on Friday, August 13th (spooky!), but what he ACTUALLY meant (until he didn’t) was that “everybody’s going to know what I know” on the 13th. What does he know? It’s unclear, but it apparently has something to do with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris resigning because of his ironclad evidence of election fraud.

The delay has made QAnon very upset:

Everything’s going great.

(Via the Daily Beast)