Mitch McConnell Ripped Trump As A ‘Fading Brand’ Akin To A Past-His-Prime Old Horse

Peril, the new book from veteran journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, sure has yielded a lot of entertaining tidbits about the Trump administration. From details on the ex-president reportedly being “enthralled” at the sound of his own failed MAGA coup to word that Joe Biden had a “f*cking” priceless reaction to all of Trump’s White House “toys,” the book keeps on giving. The newest tidbit to slide out involves Mitch McConnell, who did more than his fair GOP-share of presidential butt kissing for four years.

Behind the scenes, though, after Trump’s failed election and all of the Jan. 6 fallout? McConnell, who is also featured in the book for his reported glee with ex-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calling Trump a “moron,” reportedly has no hesitation with his desire to wipe the GOP clear of Trump taint. That’s likely not possible in the near future since plenty of Republicans are still ride-or-die for Trump, but nonetheless, McConnell is quoted in Peril as describing Donald Trump as “a fading brand. Retired. OTTB as they say in Kentucky — off-the-track Thoroughbred.” Further, here’s what else McConnell said, via the Lexington Herald-Leader:

“There is a clear trend moving,” McConnell said, toward a place where the GOP is not dominated by Trump. McConnell added, “Sucking up to Donald Trump is not a strategy that works.”

Granted, the “as they say in Kentucky” is a telling touch, but Mitch needs to get his perspective straight, too. His back-and-forth on supporting Trump as a 2024 candidate is a bit exhausting to watch, yet he sees the writing on the wall regarding Trump 2024, and it ain’t good.

(Via Lexington Herald-Leader)