‘Morning Joe’ Clobbered Former Friend Lindsey Graham For Being Too ‘Scared’ To Leave Trump

Lindsey Graham has been one of Donald Trump‘s most die-hard supporters for years now. The South Carolina senator can always be counted on for a Fox News appearance where he gets all teary-eyed about whatever consequences the former president is facing this time.

Graham’s deference to Trump is also remarkable considering one of Trump’s biggest detractors in the Republican Party was the late Senator John McCain. Graham and McCain were inseparable friends, so watching Graham latch onto Trump has been a sight to behold.

On Friday’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough went to town on Graham’s seemingly endless displays of cowardice. For a brief moment, Graham actually turned against Trump following the January 6 attack, but then he went running back to the former president after being confronted by MAGA supporters at an airport. When Mika Brzezinski suggested there’s more to it than that, Scarborough wasn’t having it.

Via Raw Story:

“No, it’s not,” Scarborough protested. “Everybody says it is more than that. It’s not. It’s not more than that. They’re not scared of Donald Trump — they’re scared of their base. They’re scared to be leaders. They’re scared to stand up in a town hall meeting and tell people something that people may not want to hear; keep their head down and continue telling them that. They’ll be surprised if they do that, what happens, but they never take that chance.”

Scarborough also revealed that he’s still surprised to see Graham embrace Trump. The Morning Joe host and Graham were in the same freshman class of congressman in 1994, and Scarborough considered Graham to be a “friend of mine.” However, the Morning Joe crew was stunned seeing Graham support Trump when “he wanted his attorney general to arrest Joe Biden and Joe Biden’s family two weeks before the election.”

“Supported him through all of that,” Scarborough said in disbelief.

(Via Raw Story)