The ‘Morning Joe’ Crew Dragged Trump For Thinking He Can ‘B.S’ Special Counsel Jack Smith: ‘He’s So Dumb’

As Donald Trump now faces a third indictment, this time for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election via the January 6 attack and other unsavory methods, the Morning Joe crew once again questioned the former president’s intelligence. More specifically, his lack thereof.

While discussing former Attorney General Bill Barr‘s latest remarks, which defended the government’s case against Trump, Mika Brzezinski just couldn’t believe the staggering amount of readily available evidence.

Via Raw Story:

“I think he is talking about Trump’s stupidity, honestly, kind of putting it in quotes, because he is so dumb,” Brzezinski said. “What he’s done with the documents is so dumb. Everything that he does, he does out in the open. You read these indictments, all of them, he’s so dumb. He just knows how to play the media, and some people fall for it.”

Joe Scarborough stepped in to land a few blows on Trump’s stupidity by pointing out his inability to distinguish the “the sharp line” between a Page Six columnist and Jack Smith.

“It is going to likely cost him his freedom,” Scarborough said. “He’s been able to get away with it his entire life. For some reason, he never figured out, you know, you don’t cross the feds. You don’t do illegal things and expect to be able to B.S. your way out of an indictment and a charge that could send you to jail for life.”

Just to put a point on how damning the latest charges are against Trump, Mike Pence has finally started attacking his old boss on the campaign trail. Hold on to your hats, folks, but he actually used the word “crackpot” to describe Trump’s inner circle. It’s a side of Mike Pence no one even knew existed.

(Via Raw Story)