Increasingly Unhinged Mike Lindell Attacked Sean Hannity And Laura Ingraham For Not Putting Him On Their Shows

While no one still seems to have figured out how Mike Lindell got it into his head that the future of our country’s democracy rests in the hands of a pillow salesman, the MyPillow CEO is charging ahead and using any outlet he can find to shout it from the rooftops that the 2020 presidential election was rigged—even if it’s a fruitless cyber symposium he has to create all on his own (and almost got ousted from). Fortunately, few people want to actually hear from him about it, which was the topic of his latest rant.

It must have been a slow news day over at OAN on Monday, as Raw Story reports that the ultra-conservative network—which has never been super concerned about the integrity of their guests, or whether the theories they’re spewing are true—basically became The Mike Lindell Show. Lindell, who is fresh off his disastrous cyber symposium, used the opportunity to continue pushing the narrative that the 2020 election was hacked and he has the proof, despite the fact that one of Lindell’s own cybersecurity experts has admitted that what they’ve got is jack sh*t. But Lindell had other matters on his mind: specifically, why his cyber symposium didn’t get the press attention it should have—particularly from known-to-be-loon-friendly networks like Fox News.

After telling Fox News that “Fox, you need to step it up and help save our country!” (note to Lindell: Fox isn’t a person, it cannot hear you), Lindell’s senseless chatter turned to individual Fox News hosts (who are actual people… at least that’s what we’ve been told) for not inviting him to be a guest on their shows. First up on his list of perceived enemies was Sean Hannity:

Sean Hannity told me once, he said, ‘Mike, I can say whatever I want on Fox, as long as it’s the truth.’ Well the truth is Sean, we had a cyber symposium. And the truth is it was attacked and hacked… And the truth is you’re not saying anything on your show. Neither are you, Laura [Ingraham.]

It should be noted that Lindell had promised to share the boatloads of evidence he claims to have that the election was hacked during this symposium, but supplied what basically amounted to a stale gummy bear, some loose change, and a piece of lint pulled from his pant pocket. The best part of his tirade was yet to come, however, as he attempted to make Tucker Carlson the semi-hero of this story… but referred to him as what sounded like Trucker.

“Trucker [Carlson] tried a few times to talk about the 2020 election. I give him some credit. I thought might be a breakthrough, it was a couple weeks ago, but none of them are talking. What is Fox doing to you? Are you guys so worried… about your money and your job?”

Hats off to Hannity for at least attempting to politely tell Lindell that he’s f*cking bonkers. But when even Tucker (sorry, Trucker) Carlson—a man whose entire brand is built of spreading lies—thinks you’re too crazy to be believable, you’ve got a problem. You can watch the full rant below.

(Via Raw Story)