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01.19.10 3 Comments

The magnetic poles of Neptune and Uranus are far off their geographic poles by as much as 60 degrees, and both planets are 10% carbon.  This has led scientists to speculate if both planets might have oceans of liquid diamond, but it hadn’t been proven due to the difficulty of creating liquid diamond that doesn’t immediately transform into graphite.   Dr. Jon Eggert and collegues have now created liquid diamond in a Z-machine and matched the temperature and pressure of Neptune.  The result was a puddle of liquid diamond with chunks of solid diamond floating like icebergs.  Diamond behaving like water during freezing and melting was a new finding, and could explain both the magnetic field discrepancy and the 10% carbon composition. 

What’s the significance of all this?  Dibs.  I just called dibs.  Too late I already called it double stampies no erasies.

[Discovery via io9]

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