New York Public Library Makes Robot Do Boring Job, Nerds Giggle

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04.27.10 4 Comments

What do you do when you have a job so mind-numbing dull and difficult to hire for that it’s almost impossible to find staff to do it? You build a ridiculously complex robot two-thirds the size of a football field to do the job, of course!

At least that’s what the New York Public Library, in its infinite wisdom, decided to do. Like any good robot, it eliminates human necessity as much as possible while also destroying jobs, which is why we invented robots in the first place. Oh, it also saves time and increases efficiency, for those who care.

The New York Times, being woefully behind the, ah, times, doesn’t offer an embedded video, but you can see just another way we’re slowly building our new robot overlords here.

[via Geekosystem ]

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