Nikki Haley, Who Has Not Been In A Single ‘Sister Act’ Movie, Says She’s Done More Than EGOT Winner Whoopi Goldberg ‘Will Ever Do’

Nikki Haley is firing back at The View after the daytime talk show recently questioned just what the heck she’s doing on the campaign trail as she continues to lag far behind Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary.

Haley seemed particularly incensed over comments from Whoopi Goldberg, who questioned Haley’s political credentials. “Nikki, what have you done? What have you done, really?” Goldberg asked on a recent episode of The View. “What can you point to?”

“I’ve done quite a bit. I will tell you, as governor, we accomplished a lot, as U.N. ambassador, we accomplished a lot. I did a whole lot more than Whoopi Goldberg will ever do, and it is not the ladies on The View that I ever care to impress,” Haley said in a new interview with Fox News, where she noticeably neglected to get into specifics.

Via Entertainment Weekly:

“At the end of the day, I’m fighting or every American’s vote. This is a chance to get our party right. The party that leaves their 80-year-old candidate behind is the party that will win. Mark my words. It is hugely important that we get a new generational conservative leader in the White House that leaves the baggage and the negativity behind.”

However, if Haley has done anything, it’s taken the fight to Trump. After the former president mocked Haley’s husband for not being on the campaign trail with her, she blasted Trump by revealing that he’s deployed overseas.

“You mock one veteran, you’re mocking all veterans,” she told Dana Perino following Trump’s attack. “But this is a pattern, Dana. He’s done this over and over again. Whether he went and called military members suckers, whether he was at Arlington Cemetery saying what was in it for them, why would they do this? The problem with Trump is he’s never been anywhere near a uniform.”

(Via Entertainment Weekly)