‘The View’ Went Completely Off The Rails As Joy Behar Embarrassed Whoopi Goldberg With A Drug-Fueled Joke About Her Sex Life

Whenever the topic of sex pops up on The View, you know Joy Behar is going to derail the whole show by sharing way too much information. Well, Behar did not disappoint during the show’s Valentine’s Day episode, and by the end, Whoopi Goldberg was left holding her head in her hands.

Forgoing her usual topics of having sex with ghosts and/or yelling the wrong name mid-coital, Behar initially kept things relatively tame by offering advice on how to make sure everyone’s Valentine’s Day ends with a bang.

“My recommendation is, you don’t go for the big meal until later. First you do a matinee in the afternoon — matinee is key to good sex — a martini, empty stomach. No eating,” Behar said before Whoopi suggested there are “other options” to drinking. That’s when the conversation immediately went off-course.

Via Decider:

With a knowing look, Behar told the audience, “You can go the Whoopi Goldberg route. We all know what that is, and get yourself in the mood.”

“Not a drink, but some other … ” she continued, pausing before saying, “opioid.”

Goldberg’s face, which had been fixed in a pretty neutral expression up until this point, shifted into a horrified look as she furrowed her brow, mouth agape. Sara Haines exclaimed, “Not an opioid!” as Behar folded herself over the table in laughter.

As the entire table lost it, Behar quickly set the record straight that she was joking. “I didn’t mean that,” she said, but it was too late. Whoopi was already mortified and covering her face. Eventually, she ribbed The View producer Brian Teta for creating this mess.

“This is what you get for forcing me into this!” Goldberg jokingly yelled at Teta as Behar also blamed the producer for letting the co-hosts talk about sex. It never ends well.

(Via Decider)