A New Jersey Gym Owner Just Received The Longest Sentence Yet For The January 6th Capitol Riot

Move over, QAnon Shaman and Jenna Ryan, there’s a new Capitol rioter making headlines for wishing a little too late that he never listened to Donald Trump. New Jersey gym owner Scott Kevin Fairlamb has officially been handed the longest prison sentence yet, three and a half years, for his participation in the MAGA riot that attempted to overturn the results of the 2020 election by stopping Congress from certifying votes through force and/or hanging Mike Pence.

Fairlamb was one of the first batch of rioters picked up by federal authorities thanks to a bunch of social media activity that made him very easy to find and prosecute. Via Gothamist:

According to the Department of Justice, “After arriving on Capitol grounds, Fairlamb climbed the scaffolding on the West Terrace, where he recorded and posted a video to Instagram in which he stated, ‘We ain’t f****** leaving either! We ain’t f****** leaving!'”

A tipster reported to the FBI that Fairlamb said in a video posted to (and later deleted from) Facebook, while carrying a police baton, “What Patriots do? We f****** disarm them and then we storm the f****** Capitol,” before entering the building.

During the sentencing hearing, Fairlamb denounced his QAnon ways, which has become a recurring theme amongst rioters like the Shaman and Ryan, who both had a change of heart when faced with the consequences of their actions.

“That is not Scott Fairlamb. That’s not who I am. That’s not who I was raised to be. I truly regret my actions that day. I have nothing but remorse,” he told the judge, according to the Washington Post.

(Via Gothamist)