Oreo And The Last Blockbuster Video Store Are Teaming Up For The Return Of Oreo Cakesters

After many years of waiting and hoping, Oreo is finally resurrecting their iconic middle school favorite, Oreo Cakesters, and have called upon the last Blockbuster in the world to bring the nostalgia back at full force.

Oreo Caketsers were introduced in 2007, where they were often used as lunchtime currency among tweens in the school cafeteria. Two chocolate cakes sandwiched together with the signature Oreo cream, the snacks became an instant favorite. They produced various versions of the cake before discontinuing them in 2012.

To help relaunch their cult classic treat, Oreo has stocked the shelves at another early aughts favorite, the last Blockbuster on earth. Complete with retro-style VHS covers and punny movie titles such as Cakesters 2: Back At It and Cakesters: Resurrections (perhaps starring Keanu Reeves?) the limited-edition Cakesters can be found in Bend, Oregon.

If you don’t find yourself lucky enough to be able to take a quick trip to Bend, Oreo tweeted that they would be available at select stores across the country this month.

No word yet on if Oreo will bring back other flavors, such as the Golden Oreo Cakesters, but they are known for reviving older favorites in between their various big-name collaborations, such as Pokemon and Supreme.

The Cakesters are just the latest of a slew of Oreo products to hit the shelves this year, as Oreo just announced two new flavors for 2022: Toffee Crunch and Ultimate Chocolate. We are still waiting for them to invent Cannoli flavored, though.