Oreo Has Just Linked Up With Supreme For The World’s First Designer Cookie

Is there a single brand of cookie that has had more collaborations than Oreo? The sandwich cookie has dropped limited-edition varieties with everyone from Game of Thrones to Baskin-Robbins, but this latest collaboration will see Oreo dropping quite possibly it’s most hyped cookie yet as they link up with New York-based streetwear juggernaut Supreme. The cookie is part of Supreme’s massive Spring/Summer 2020 drop, which we covered in our weekly sneaker and apparel roundup, but we didn’t get a chance to dive into the details on the designer cookie (there was too much to cover).

So what’s so special about this cookie? If you clicked on this article because you’re all about Oreos you’ll be disappointed to find out that the answer to that question is — nothing really. Unfortunately, aside from swapping out Oreo’s classic oval Nabisco logo for Supreme’s iconic box logo and adding some red food coloring to the cookie’s typical black crisp, nothing else is different about this Oreo. Supreme’s description merely states that the cookie is of the Double-Stuffed variety with a baked logo.

Aside from that little else is known about the Oreo, but Instagram streetwear tastemaker Ovrnundr shared some apparently leaked photos of the cookies’ packaging and revealed that the cookies would come in packs of three and retail for $8. That’s $2.66 per cookie (compared to the $3.50 price tag on a one-pound box of Double-Stuffed Oreos at the grocery store). So, let that information just sink in for a second. The Supreme Spring/Summer 2020 drop is set for this Friday at Supreme physical stores.

The online response to the announcement was huge and ranged from outrage to excitement. We haven’t seen a response this fervent since Supreme’s legendary designer brick. Check out what Twitter had to say below.