Of Course Paul Rudd Sent Jeremy Renner A Fake ‘Cameo’ Message While He Was Recovering From His Snowplow Accident

Paul Rudd is good at keeping things light. Even in the MCU, that’s the case, and that could be a reason why Ant-Man: Quantumania (which was not a breezy Ant-Man movie) didn’t keep doing gangbusters in theaters after opening weekend. People expect levity from Rudd, you know? He’s the guy who engineered a great massage story from Seth Rogen, after all. And Rudd was there (in a much different way) for one of his other good friends, Jeremy Renner, while he recuperated from his snowplow accident earlier this year.

Renner, who is promoting Disney+’s Rennervations, visited Jimmy Kimmel, and in the process, he revealed another Paul Rudd instant classic. As revealed after the 8:30 mark above, Rudd did pay proper hospital visits to Renner, where he was “making my day,” but also, he made a faux “Cameo” video that even had the Cameo logo all over it. “He made a fake one, like I paid him money,” related Renner, and then Kimmel played the video, which included Rudd telling him to simply “let the snow melt” if this happens again:

“Hey Jerry, I hear you’re a little banged up. Got in a fight with a snowblower, apparently? Anyway, I just wanted to send this video. It’s really from the heart and I hope you’re feeling better … Apparently, you’re a pretty tough guy … take care and take it easy for a while. And next time, maybe just let the snow melt! Feel better, Jerry!”

There hopefully won’t be a next time, but fortunately, Renner looks to be making a miraculous recovery. Considering his incredibly long list of injuries and that 911 call, one could conclude that the actor who portrays Hawkeye might have some real-life superpowers.

Disney+’s Rennervations debuts on April 12.