People Are Really Talking About The Last Airbender

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07.09.10 3 Comments

“It sucked.” (Actual Quote)

Vince did an awesome breakdown of how much the critics hated The Last Airbender, but how about a nice compilation of fans (including cosplayers) complaining after a screening about how let down they are?  Granted, none of the comments in the video below are quite as elegant as the last line of Roger Ebert’s review: “I close with the hope that the title proves prophetic.”  However, these Airbender fans didn’t hold back much while giving their opinions of the movie:

Little kid: It sucked.

Guy who is way into Airbender: The movie could’ve been as bad as it is right now, and if they had just called him AANG! ONCE! AANG!

Guy with a salad bowl on his head: I have never been more disappointed in a movie.

Guy with a shaved head and a blue arrow painted on it: I want my money back, and I actually wish I had my hair back, too.

Another little kid: I want to tear down M Night Shyamalan.

And you guys better listen to the guy with a salad bowl on his head; he knows disappointment.  At the end of the video, just to speed things along, the interviewer (Chris Underwood) turns to the long line of people waiting to talk to him and yells, “Did any of you guys like the movie?” Somebody might have said yes, I suppose, but they were drowned out by all the people yelling no.

[salad-bowl-hat tip to ToplessRobot for finding this]

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