Piers Morgan Is So Worked Up Over Prince Harry’s ‘Yapping’ Memoir, And People Are Pushing Back At Him

Piers Morgan must not be deterred after people came for him when he and Prince William condemned racist attacks against soccer stars in the wake of their treatment of Meghan Markle. And Piers also hasn’t learned his lesson after growing publicly outraged over Meghan’s children’s book before people couldn’t stop laughing at him over his continued obsession. Nope, the anger bear still rages, and this week, Piers is very upset over news that Prince Harry will publish a memoir.

Random House tweeted news of the late 2022 project and this quote from Harry: “I’m writing this not as the prince I was born but as the man I have become.”

As one might easily predict, Piers did not take the news too well. “You’ve got to be f*cking joking?????” soon surfaced in tweet form. “Ready to tell his story?” he asked with more laughter emoji. “Prince Privacy hasn’t stopped yapping, whining & trashing his family all bloody year.”

Piers will stop at nothing to defend his Queen. He even left Good Morning Britain after his on-air temper tantrum over Markle and what he views as an attack (and he continues to call Meghan a liar) on the monarchy. He’s clearly still salty over Meghan “ghosting” him after a pub date several years ago, which has apparently led him to dismiss her claims of racist statements from Royal family members over Harry and Meghan’s son. Well, people still find Piers’ tantrums over Meghan and Harry to be quite amusing.

That’s a solid point there at the end, yes. Piers “yaps” about everything, all while obsessing over Meghan’s life, and he appears to be aghast the the couple fled the United Kingdom for Montecito, where they’re presumably living their best life. Yes, they’re taking gigs, but they’ve got a hefty security bill to pay, and that money ain’t coming from the British Royal Family.