This Police Officer Has Quickly Become Famous For Her Side Gig As A Model

Remember that episode of Grey’s Anatomy in which a man suffering from some kind of prostate problem didn’t want to be operated on by Katherine Heigl’s character, who wasn’t just a doctor but also a model for lingerie catalog Bethany Whisper?

It was an excellent episode — all of season one was pretty great — but it did raise an important question: What would happen if your doctor or the person who just arrested you also had a history of provocative modeling? We’ve got the answer, and it turns out everyone’s a lot cooler with this stuff in real life.

Meet Samantha Sepulveda, a 32-year-old cop who joined the force six years ago, in 2010. A few years later, she told The New York Post, a friend asked if she’d like to model some swimsuits on the runway and a star was born. Soon she was gaining attention, not just on her Instagram, but from people she was arresting as well.

From The NY Post:

Once, while patrolling the village — located about 35 miles east of Manhattan — she and a partner chased a man who had just beaten his wife and threatened to kill the officers running after him.

When he saw Sepulveda, he froze. “Holy s–t!” he gushed. “You’re the best-looking cop I’ve ever seen! Can I take you on a date?” She made the arrest.

Sepulveda, who chose to become a cop rather than a stockbroker because she wanted to dedicate her life to protecting others, says that there are some advantages to being an attractive police woman, but she doesn’t advertise her looks while on duty. When she’s on the clock she doesn’t wear makeup and pulls her hair back in an effort to look “as masculine as possible.” Off-duty, it’s a different story.

While some may criticize Sepulveda for her choices, she says that anyone upset with her modeling can “close their eyes” and move on. And she’s not all looks, either. Aside from serving on the police force and modeling, Sepulveda’s writing an “inspirational book for young women” and is working to build “sustainable energey plants in Thailand.”

Sepulveda told The Post that she’s been scrutinized every since she joined the force. Anyone giving her a hard time for her second job, though, she says, needs to understand that what she’s doing is celebrating her body. You can’t get arrested for that!