Portal 2 Co-Op Makes You Think With Awesomeness

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So, you might have heard that Valve is putting out a sequel to “Portal”, a popular game they put out a few years ago. You might have played it, and enjoyed it for the utter perfection that it was. And then you heard about the sequel, and if you were me, you needed new pants. And if you were me, you also might have found yourself wondering how the two-player co-op would work. Not that the game couldn’t have two-player co-op, but it is kind of designed to be a solo experience. The answer is held in the video below the jump, but for the non-video-enabled, a quick breakdown: it works by being completely awesome.

It looks like that there will be separate co-op chambers, at least as shown in this video. Which in of itself is pretty brilliant, but they’re also designed from the ground up to be challenging for two players, which is the least we expect from Valve.

“Portal 2” is out February 9th, and the two-player video is under the cut:

[ via Kotaku ]

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