Predator Writers To Write He-Man Movie, For All The Good It’ll Do

04.12.10 9 years ago

He-Man fans have been dreaming of a new He-Man movie since, well…five minutes after they started watching the first He-Man movie. Well, there’s some small amount of hope now that Mike Finch and Alex Litvak, who wrote the script for Robert Rodriguez’s Predators, have been signed on to write a Masters Of The Universe script for Columbia Pictures. Although, whether or not we’ll ever see it, who knows?

After all, there’s been a special section of development hell set aside for He-Man movies ever since the planned sequel to the 1987 shirtless-Lundgren-fest that was the first Masters of the Universe movie. (Little is know about it, apart from the fact that Kathy Ireland was apparently cast to be in it, and that after it was scrapped, they apparently used the costumes and sets for it to make the Jean-Claude Van Damn film Cyborg.)

More recently there was the never-officially-greenlit John Woo adaptation from around 2006 and in 2008, Joel Silver was reportedly working on a version with Warner Brothers that would’ve been called Greyskull: Masters Of The Universe, but that project collapsed and the rights went back to Mattel.

So, now Columbia’s trying it again, but I’ll remain skeptical until I’m actually watching it in the theater and complaining how they screwed up Trap Jaw.

Besides, I don’t think they’re ever going to find a better actor to do Skeletor than classically trained stage actor Frank Langella. I know there’s a huge amount to hate in the original MOTU movie (Courteney Cox, the principal from Back To The Future, the entire Earth), but for sheer good quality evil acting, I’m not sure who else could’ve made Skeletor something better than the goofy camp S&M bodybuilder he was in the cartoon:

Sure, it’s easy to upstage the acting ability of Dolph Lundgren (who is often out-acted by his own clothing), but Langella is certainly light years ahead of everyone else in this film.

And that includes Billy Barty.

{Heat Vision Via Io9]

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