Propeller Powered Shopping Cart

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07.14.10 3 Comments

Celeb sunglasses? Just what every lab needs.

Below are the videos for the first two iterations of Charles Guan’s Fankart.  After nearly killing himself with the rollerblades of death, he turned his engineering skills towards modifying a shopping cart to test the type of thrusters used in Moon landers.

Huge and Electric are two words that appeal to me greatly. […] Then came word of MIT Talaris. In short: Electric ducted fan supported platform reduces the apparent weight of the experimental lander vehicle by 5/6ths in order to test operation in the Moon’s gravity… without actually, you know, going to the Moon. After being shown their test videos, I decided to build myself a ducted fan thruster that was bigger than theirs. [Charles Guan via MAKE]

And that is how all scientific progress is made, by industrious pioneers who boldly declare, “F*** all y’all, I can make a bigger one. Mwahahahaha!”

So here’s a video of a shopping cart with a propeller on it:

And here’s the second iteration, after he added the ducted part of the fan and moved it to the back:

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