Vladimir Putin’s Increasingly Messy War Has All Of Russia Feeling The Squeeze, And Somehow, ‘There’s No Paper’ Anywhere

Vladimir Putin likes his champagne, as shown in the above 2014 photo that shows him attending the Sochi Paralympic Games. He also recently fondled a glass while attempting to justify his attacks on energy sources in Ukraine, which is not a fun thing for civilians to have to deal with during the dead of winter after having their homes invaded. Yet Putin is not known for prioritizing too well during the acts of war, especially when he’s so focused on his own Botox supply. Word on the street is that he might actually flee Russia, which is really something.

As well, Putin has left his own country’s economy in a shambles, and that goes from everything to Netflix (among other major corporations) pulling out of the country to, uh, fancy paper. Actually, there’s apparently “no paper” to be found, according to one of the most prestigious museums in Russia. Via The Daily Beast, things are not fantastic, and although the museum remains open for now, that might not be the case for long. This paper issue might sound trivial, yet it speaks the depths of Putin’s at-home disaster:

The State Tretyakov Gallery has stopped giving museum visitors beautifully printed tickets and suddenly shifted to flimsy paper receipts because they say “there;s no paper in the country.” The local news outlet Podyom reached out to the art museum after visitors reported the apparent downgrade. A representative of the museum was quoted explaining that the decision was made because “just like everywhere, … there’s no paper in the country. This does not depend on the Tretyakov Gallery. Paper is problematic everywhere, not only here.”

From there, where does one even consider how impossible it must be to buy toilet paper for one’s family in Russia? Putin might not care, given that he has people to help clean up after he (allegedly) poops all over himself while falling down stairs. Yes, I’m making light of the situation, but it sounds like things won’t be getting any better in Russia (let alone in Ukraine) anytime soon. Putin still has his champagne, though.

(Via The Daily Beast)