Russian State TV Talking Heads Seem Very Worried That Putin’s Ukraine War Might Actually Outlive Him

Vladimir Putin’s ill-advised war in Ukraine has lasted over a year, and by all appearances, it looks like he’s still surprised at this lack of an outcome. He recently threw a fit and pulled out of a nuclear pact while the Kremlin re-upped its talk of going Lex Luthor on the U.S. The Russian president has not answered to the Viagra or Botox shortages in his country, although he is apparently allowing cabbage to freak him out.

In the meantime, some other freak outs are happening on the propaganda airwaves known as Russian State TV. As Newsweek relays, there’s quite a stir among talking heads, and that includes (as seen in the below clip tweeted by The Daily Beast columnist Julia Davis) commentator Sergey Mikheyev, who expressed his frustrations with the slow (nearly absent) pace of progress, which could eventually bring this outcome: “I won’t live long enough to see any successes.” He then declared, “Our leadership won’t live long enough for that either.”

As well, Mikheyev added that this war could very well “last for decades” given current conditions, which was a sentiment shared by ex-Putin advisor Sergei Markov, who (as reported by Newsweek) believes that “there is no end in sight” to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

By all accounts, it’s one step forward and two steps back for Russia in this conflict with Putin regularly restocking his troops who are abandoning tanks in Ukrainian cities. The BBC recently summed up how Russia seems “stuck” in a holding pattern, and Putin is apparently intending to exhaust Ukraine into giving up while also insisting that he’s winning this thing. And clearly on Russian State TV, they’re not feeling so hot about this war anymore.

(Via Julia Davis on Twitter & Newsweek))