Reebok To Make Computing Pants?

Senior Contributor

You might remember the trend of wearable computing, which is exciting to nerds and absolutely no one else, because we don’t need computers touching anything in our pants without articulated arms, er, at all. Well, Reebok is gleefully ignoring that, and going full steam ahead with “wearable computing”.

They’ve cut a deal with John Rogers, a pioneer of bendy computers, and MC10, his startup, in order to make sneakers that can tell you how far you’ve run, shirts that tell you your heart rate, and shorts that glow red whenever you talk to the hot girl at the gym to show your interest.

Here’s our question: what, precisely, will happen when this stuff is inevitably hacked and put on the Internet? There are things our clothes observe that are private, you know.

[ via the joggers at Engadget ]

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