Rockstar Finding New Depths In Uncanny Valley

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Hey, remember when facial animations wouldn’t ruin a game? Yeah, those were the days. Now, all it takes is a bad day on the part of the animators, and you’ve ruined a perfectly good game. Not that we were BITTER! over Alan Wake‘s sucky facial animations or anything! It didn’t totally ruin the frickin’ story to have all the characters as creepy dead eyed puppets! Not…bitter…at…ALL!!!
Ahem, anyway, some Australians have solved the problem with something called MotionScan, which basically is a face Xerox. We could explain the tech, but we’d rather show you a Mad Men actor being subjected to the process for former vaporware L.A. Noire, which you’ll see on the next slide.

[ via the mooks at Engadget ]

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